Note Grades 70 Gem Uncirculated EPQ

Posted on 2/21/2012

Perfection: Freedom from fault or defect; flawlessness

Perfection is a term that is frequently bandied about in the world of numismatics. However, the exceedingly complex processes involved in the printing and circulation of paper money causes this level of quality to be extraordinarily rare indeed. The exceptional consistency and integrity of the grading process at PMG also demands notes awarded with the grade of 70 to be unquestionably flawless. As a result, only one note - a 1935G US Silver Certificate - out of the more than 470,000 total notes graded by PMG since the company began operations in 2005 has attained the distinction of 70; until now. The excitement in the PMG grading room can not be underestimated when such a note of unusual quality comes through. That being said - the grading team is proud to announce that PMG has graded a 1957B US Silver Certificate at 70. Featuring exceptional embossing, flawless plate and registration centering, and vibrant eye-appeal, this note is an outstanding example of the artistry and craftsmanship of currency production in its highest degree. While notes of this caliber are unusually rare, the entrance of another 70 into the PMG population reveals that the next "perfect" note is awaiting discovery by collectors and dealers willing to plumb the deepest depths of the paper money hobby.

1957B US Silver Certificate Graded 70 EPQ Front
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1957B US Silver Certificate Graded 70 EPQ Back
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