PMG Registry Set Showcase: Single District Sets

Posted on 1/26/2011

New categories are being added based on user request.

The PMG Registry is quickly becoming the authoritative online display of advanced currency collections. It’s also growing at an astonishing rate, now including 2,187 different Competitive Sets in 209 available categories. We’re continuing to add new categories based on user requests, and we’re particularly excited about a new kind of set that has just been added: the Single District Set.

Single District Sets are one of the most popular ways to collect Small Size Federal Reserve Notes. To build a Single District Set, a collector will acquire one note from every series issued by a single Federal Reserve Bank. For example, a New York Single District $5 Set includes all of the $5 bills issued with the "B" Federal Reserve Seal. This set requires 35 different notes from Series 1928 through 2006. In the Registry, Single District Sets are currently available for all 12 districts of $5 Small Size Federal Reserve Notes. These can be found within the Small Size Federal Reserve Notes category.

During the upcoming months, PMG will be adding Single District Sets for all denominations of Small Size Federal Reserve Notes. The sets currently offered are for regular issue notes, and replacement notes will be eligible for separate sets, called Star Note Single District Sets.

Our goal is to provide the set categories that you want so you can showcase your own collection. Let us know how you want to collect by e-mailing us at

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