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Posted on 7/28/2010

Connect with fellow collectors on the PMG Message Boards.

The PMG Collectors Society is a great resource for collectors of paper money. The goal of the Collectors Society is to give collectors the tools and resources they need, in a community built for sharing collections and experiences. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn more about the hobby. That’s why the Collectors Society offers the PMG Message Boards so you can have conversations with fellow collectors.

A number of prominent collectors and dealers post on the Message Boards, and PMG graders Chad Hawk and Bruce Thornton participate in discussions.

More than 14,000 members participate in the Collectors Society Message Boards, but the PMG forums are one of the newest editions and are still a cozy and quiet place for collectors of all levels. The Message Boards were recently upgraded and redesigned – it’s worth a look if you haven’t been there in a while. There are six forums where you might want to start your exploration:

Paper Money
The primary discussion area for all topics related to currency collecting.

This is a moderated forum where PMG Customer Service and graders respond to your questions.

Numismatic Tangents
A general forum to discuss anything and everything related to numismatics, although the bulk of the topics are coin-related. This is a great place to make a general market commentary, post a show report or recommend a shipping method.

Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
This forum is dedicated to asking fellow forum members to guesstimate the grade of coins or notes from a picture. While grading from a digital image is really not reliable, it's fun and interesting.

The Money Marketplace
The place for buying, selling and trading coins and currency. You might want to pay special attention to items marked FSHO, For Sale Here Only. Please note that we do not monitor buys and sells.

It’s free to participate in the Collectors Society Message Boards. If you have not used the message boards before and would like to participate, click here to create your message board login. Remember that this login is different from a Collectors Society login. If you are a Collectors Society member and have not yet created a message board login, you will need to click the link to register.

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