The New $100 Note

Posted on 4/22/2010

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing unveils the design for the new $100 note.

The BEP unveiled the redesigned $100 note on April 21, 2010. The new design includes advanced technology to combat counterfeiting while retaining the traditional look of US currency. Two new advanced security features are:

3D Security Ribbon
The blue ribbon on the front of the note contains bells and 100s that move side to side or up and down when the note is tilted.

Color-Shifting Bell in an Inkwell
This new image on the front of the note features a color-shifting bell inside a copper-colored inkwell that changes from copper to green.

Other features added or redesigned include:

  • Portrait watermark
  • Security thread
  • Color shifting 100
  • Raised printing
  • Large gold 100
  • Microprinting

New $100 Note
Front of New $100 Note
click image to enlarge
New 4100 Note
Back of New $100 Note
click image to enlarge

The new note will be issued on February 20, 2011. To learn more, visit the BEP's website,

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