PMG Grades Its First 70

Posted on 11/2/2009

PMG has graded nearly 300,000 notes and until recently had yet to grade a 70, the highest graded assigned. The $1 Series 1935G No Motto Silver Certificate (Fr#1616) submitted by Unlimited Currency of Greenville, Indiana, is PMG's first note graded 70 EPQ. What does it take to grade a 70?

  • Near perfect registration

  • Fifty-fifty margins on front and back

  • No handling

Because currency printing is a multi-step process, it's no wonder a 70 is a rare find. For a note’s registration and margins to meet PMG’s requirements for the 70 grade, each of the following steps has to be coordinated with each other in the very best possible way:

Step 1: The backs of the notes are printed with green ink and allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

Step 2: The faces are printed with black ink and allowed to dry.

Step 3: A letterpress overprints the Federal Reserve District seal and its corresponding number designation with black ink.

Step 4: The letterpress overprints the Treasury seal and serial numbers in green ink.

Step 5: Two guillotine cutters slice the notes into two note units (100 sheets at a time) and finally into single stacks of one-hundred notes.

$1 1935G Silver Certificate PMG 70
Front of $1 1935G Silver Certificate Fr.1616 PMG 70EPQ
Click image to enlarge.
$1 1935G Silver Certificate PMG 70
Back of $1 1935G Silver Certificate Fr.1616 PMG 70EPQ
Click image to enlarge.

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