Block Letters Now Reported in the PMG Population Report

Posted on 7/23/2009

The PMG Population Report now includes detailed population figures for US Small Size currency by block letters. This expanded resource is provided for free to all PMG Authorized Dealers and Collectors Society members with a free or higher level account, and can be found on PMG’s Web site,

The term “block letters” refers to the combination of prefix and suffix letters surrounding a note’s eight digit serial number. For example, a note with serial number A80557012C belongs to the AC block. The same rules apply for star notes, where *00571871A belongs to the *A block. One of the most popular ways to collect US Small Size currency is to assemble collections that consist of each possible combination of block letter for a particular issue.

Currently, PMG reports populations for block letters of four different note types: Small Size Legal Tender, Small Size Silver Certificates, Small Size Federal Reserve Notes and World War II Emergency Issues. To view population figures for block letters in the PMG Population Report, simply click on the icon that appears next to a note’s Friedberg catalog number in applicable note categories. A pop-up window opens displaying population by grade for each block letter certified by PMG. The list shown is not a complete list of available blocks for a particular issue, but rather a complete list of the blocks certified by PMG and thus gaps may appear. Complete lists of available block letters can be found in the Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money by John Schwartz and Scott Linquist.

PMG Block Letter Screen Capture
A screen capture shows the new feature. Click image to enlarge.

“This report is really the first compilation of its kind and it’s already an incredible source of information. We believe that it will be an essential tool for collectors of Small Size blocks and that its usefulness will only continue to grow. PMG is also very pleased to be able to make these tools available for free to the collector community,” comments Glen Jorde, PMG Finalizer.

The online PMG Population Report is updated weekly, every Monday morning, and newly certified block letters will appear in each new release. PMG requests that collectors make reference to Important Notes when using the PMG Population Report. Some small size notes belonging to common blocks are inexpensive and relatively few examples have been submitted to PMG for certification. In some cases, this may distort their scarcity making them appear scarce when they are not.

This new site feature joins other recently launched enhancements on the PMG Web site,, including the recent incorporation of Track & Price transaction data for US Large Size Notes into the PMG Population Report. Also found on the site are population figures for world currency, collection galleries and the PMG Registry, where collectors can list their own collection of currency online.

Questions about using the PMG Population Report can be directed to PMG customer service at or my phone at 1.877.PMG.5570 (764.5570).

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