PMG Registry Featured Set: Morocco

Posted on 3/19/2024

This month’s featured set is a group of notes spanning more than a century belonging to Dr. Asem Albasheer.

When one thinks of Morocco, maybe you envision the grand Atlas Mountains, the tasty traditional dishes, the vibrant marketplaces or the elaborate, beautiful architecture, old and new. The Bank Al-Maghrib of Morocco has recently released a new 200 Dirham note featuring examples of some of the nation's remarkable architecture. In recognition of this new release, this month we feature a No. 1 ranked set: the Morocco - Personal Collection, by Dr. Asem Albasheer, found here.

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This new, colorful, polymer issue features striking renderings of the commanding Mohammed VI Bridge near Rabat, along with creative depictions of the sleek, conical, 55-story Mohammed VI Tower and the unique, otherworldly designed Marrakesh Menara Airport. This note is a lovely addition to the Morocco sets in the PMG Registry, and new slots have already been added.

Dr. Asem Albasheer currently holds the #1 spot for the Morocco Type Set, 1910-Date category in the PMG Registry. With a date range that covers more than a century, this set is a challenge for even the most dedicated of collectors to complete. Sometimes 100% completion is not attainable and is not the goal; instead, it is the pleasure of the process, collecting quality examples that are meaningful in some way. Dr. Asem continues to rise to the challenge. He started this set back in 2021 and makes constant upgrades to his unique, historical collection.

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Sitting atop 16 other participating sets, this set is a lovely presentation, offering images for all 39 notes, with many being PMG graded Top Pop notes. The evolution of the Moroccan banknote over time is quite remarkable, with many different themes, color palettes and varied styles of artistry, including French influences in the early 1900s. Be sure to take a few moments to view Dr. Asem’s comprehensive slideshow which features monuments, historical figures and depictions of daily culture in Morocco.

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Thank you, Dr. Asem Albasheer, for offering your unique collection for the viewing enjoyment of all the PMG collecting community. We look forward to seeing what updates you have planned for this set and for many others.

Would you like your set to be chosen for a future article? 100% completion in a set is not always feasible. Our team features sets with thoughtful comments and images for their set descriptions and notes. It may be your set! Stay tuned.

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