Track & Price Sales Data Now Displayed in PMG Population Report

Posted on 7/9/2009

Reports of actual sales for US Large Size Notes, provided by Track & Price, are now included in the PMG Population Report.

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A screen capture shows the new
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A major enhancement to the PMG Population Report was released on July 9, 2009. Now, sales reports of actual transactions of US Large Size Notes are displayed along side PMG population information. For each applicable PMG-certified note, the most recent reported sale price in each grade is shown along with the date sold and sale venue. Real market transaction date is provided to PMG by Track & Price, a leading provider of currency transaction reporting and collection management tools for U.S. Nationals and Large Size Type Notes.

This feature is provided as a free resource to all PMG Authorized Dealers and Collectors Society members with a free or higher level account. To view actual sales reports, members can click the icon which appears next to each applicable Friedberg number. A pop-up window then displays a breakdown of PMG population in each grade and recent sales information displayed in the corresponding adjacent columns.

“This is a very important addition to our Web site. Combining the utility and ease-of-use of our online population report with actual transaction data makes this information more accessible than ever before. We’re very proud to work with Track & Price and there is no question that our customers will love this feature,” comments Glen Jorde, PMG Finalizer.

“Increasing the transparency and availability of transaction information is fundamental to the continued growth and the development of the currency market. Working with PMG to achieve this is clearly of great benefit to all collectors,” adds Sandy Bashover, owner and designer of Track and Price.

On, transaction reporting is only available for PMG-certified notes that appear in Track & Price’s records, and thus transaction information is not provided for all notes and in all PMG grades where notes are certified. Additionally, since Track & Price does not include paper quality of certified notes, prices reported for grades 30 to 64 are for the last trade of the numeric grade irrespective of whether it was designated EPQ or not.

Only the most recent reported transaction for PMG-certified notes are included in the PMG Population Report, however, the subscription resource available from Track & Price includes extensive historical transaction data as well as transactions of notes not graded by PMG. The Track & Price inventory system and pricing guide for US currency can be purchased online by visiting

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