PMG Now Grading Banknotes Year-round in Munich

Posted on 6/18/2024

Initially available for the Bulk and Modern tiers, the launch of full-time PMG grading services in Munich represents a pioneering moment for the company and Europe’s paper money collecting community.

Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®) is delighted to announce that the company is now offering paper money authentication, grading and encapsulation on a full-time basis through Certified Collectibles Group – International GmbH (CCG GmbH), its affiliate in Munich, Germany.

Starting June 18, 2024, all Bulk and Modern tier submissions to CCG GmbH in Munich are being graded in Munich. Notes submitted for other tiers and services will continue be shipped with round-trip insurance to PMG’s headquarters in the United States for certification unless they are submitted to one of PMG’s on-site grading events in Europe.

"As more collectors and dealers in Europe embrace PMG’s expert and impartial certification, we are working hard to make our services both faster and more accessible,” said Max Spiegel, President of the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®), which includes PMG. “We anticipate strong demand for the speed and convenience of these services, which help to foster a safer, more transparent and more vibrant collecting community.”

PMG was founded in 2005 as a fully independent third-party paper money grading service. With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, PMG has certified more than 10 million notes. Every note that PMG grades is backed by the comprehensive PMG Guarantee of authenticity and grade, which gives buyers and sellers greater confidence.

The launch of full-time PMG grading services in Munich follows the growing popularity of PMG’s on-site grading events, which have been held periodically in Europe over the past several years. With on-site grading, PMG provides its full expert and impartial authentication, grading and encapsulation services on location with an extremely fast turnaround time. PMG plans to continue to offer on-site grading events even with the start of full-time grading in Munich. The next PMG on-site grading events in Europe are planned for September.

There are no additional fees for Bulk and Modern submissions that are graded at the Munich office during the regular course of business. However, all submissions for on-site grading events (including Bulk and Modern tier submissions) will be charged an additional € 5 fee per note.

PMG offers several Bulk submission options, which require a minimum submission of 50 notes, each valued at € 300 or below. PMG’s Modern tier accepts all notes issued from 1957 to present as long as they are each valued at € 300 or below. Please note that PMG may choose, at its sole discretion, to send Bulk or Modern notes to its US headquarters for additional research or for operational reasons. For a complete list of services and fees offered through PMG’s Munich office, click here.

"The expansion of PMG services in Munich marks a significant milestone for the numismatic community in Europe,” said Richard Stein, Director of European Operations for CCG. “Munich is only the third place in the world where any CCG offers grading on a full-time basis."

To submit to PMG in Munich, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Join PMG here. Memberships start at just $25 (USD) per year.
  2. On the PMG website, click “Submit” in the menu bar, and then go to “Submission Forms.”
  3. Complete the PMG Europe Submission Form.
  4. Securely pack your collectibles and arrange for their delivery to our Munich office, or bring them to an event, Official Submission Center or Authorized Dealer where PMG submissions are accepted.

Important: If more than 20% of notes in a submission require adjustments because the notes were submitted under an incorrect grading tier (e.g., the value of the notes exceeds the maximum value for the selected grading tier), the entire submission will be moved to the applicable tier, the grading fee will be adjusted for all notes in the submission, and the submission may be rerouted to the US office for grading.

Questions? Contact the Munich office at +49 (0) 89 550 66 780 or

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