PMG Receiving PMG Grading PMG Encapsulating PMG Shipping

After encapsulation, all notes are returned briefly to the Grading Department for final inspection. An industry professional examines each encapsulated note to make certain that its label is correct for both the grade and its accompanying descriptive information. This professional also inspects each note for any flaws on its holder, such as scuffs or nicks.

When all the notes have been inspected, they’re either held in PMG’s vault for in-person pick-up by the submitter or delivered to our Shipping Department for packaging. As in all steps of the grading process, the notes are counted and their labels checked against the original hand-written or typed invoice to make certain that no mistakes have occurred. A Shipping Department employee then verifies the method of transport as selected by the submitter on the invoice and prepares the notes for delivery. Properly registered and insured, the notes are safely shipped and are soon in the hands of their owners.