PMG Receiving PMG Grading PMG Encapsulating PMG Shipping

After each note has been graded and the necessary numbers and text entered into their respective data fields, the notes are taken from the Grading Department to the Encapsulation Department. Here, labels are printed out bearing the following text: the note’s serial number, reference attribution, charter number, plate position, signature information (if applicable), grade and, in cases where an item is net graded, graders’ comments.

The newly printed labels are matched with the notes to be encapsulated with them. The notes are now ready to be placed securely inside the transparent holder.

The PMG holder is made of inert material that won’t adversely affect the note it holds. It is a clear, flexible yet semi-rigid plastic (not a hard plastic) that looks much like a lamination, but is only sealed (heat sealed) around the perimeter. A seal across the holder divides it into an upper and lower “compartment.” The label goes in the upper compartment and the note in the lower compartment.