PMG Cert:
Note Description:
Austria, Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Bank, 20 Kronen 1913 (ND 1919)
66 EPQ
- Ovpt. on Austria#14
Exceptional Paper Quality

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Total Graded by PMG: How is this calculated?

The population in a given grade reflects the number of notes graded by PMG with that grade (including any Net-graded notes) and designation (e.g. EPQ). The population “in higher grades” reflects the number of notes graded by PMG with a higher grade (including higher grades with the Net designation) and/or better designation. For Net-graded, the population will reflect only notes with Net grades.

For example, if the note’s grade is PMG 58 About Uncirculated, the population shown will reflect all notes graded PMG 58 About Uncirculated. The population “in higher grades” will include notes graded PMG 58 About Uncirculated EPQ, PMG 60 Uncirculated Net, PMG 60 Uncirculated, PMG 60 Uncirculated EPQ, etc.

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