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“...the turnaround time simply flabbergasted me...”
“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I submitted my first currency to PMG, but I was delighted with everything. The turnaround time simply flabbergasted me. I don’t expect that unusual occurrence to continue but it was a most pleasant experience at least once. The PMG holders are sturdy and very attractive. My customers love them, as do I. Thanks for a valuable new service that will help 4-Star to maximize its bottom line.”

David Wilson
4-Star Jewelers and Rare Coins

“...great demand increase for PMG material...”
“PMG offers a true independent 3rd party grading service. No conflict of interest as graders are prohibited to buy and sell their notes. This evens out the playing field. I have seen a great demand increase for PMG material which has generated a significant increase in sales. The Guys are trying hard to make it right, and that is all I ask.”

Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez Jr. Currency

“...sets the standard for professional viewing...”
“Thank you for the quality third-party grading service you are providing. I have a lot of respect for all the major grading services, however the PMG premium holder sets the standard for professional viewing and information. After submitting well over one hundred notes to be graded by PMG, I would like to commend your staff of graders for their consistency. As a collector and dealer of Investment Grade U.S. Currency, I want my notes to be fairly represented and detailed accordingly. PMG gives me that, hands down.”

Philip Driver
Philip Driver Currency

“...[PMG’s] grading service will encourage new investor interest...”
“We have been very pleased with PMG’s service and believe the addition of a major paper money grading service will encourage new investor interest and demand. I would encourage anyone interested in having their notes graded to try PMG.”

Mark Albarian
President & CEO, Goldline International, Inc.