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PMG Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money
We will be accepting submissions for on-site certification at booth 902 in Philadelphia, PA August 7-11, 2012.
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The Third Annual PMG Registry Awards
It's not too late to participate for awards and recognition in the third annual PMG Registry Awards!
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Animal Skin Tokens – The Russian-American Company
Although created to collect scientific information on plants and animals, The Russian-American Company quickly became a valuable trade facilitator.
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PMG is Hiring!
PMG is looking for qualified candidates to join our team.
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Friedberg 1225 - the Series 1900 $10,000
Collectors love the Series 1900 large sized $10,000 gold certificates. An obvious reason is that these notes are available for less than face value; this is because all known notes have been cancelled in one form or another.
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Reserve Bank of India Plans Plastic Currency Notes
On July 9, 2012 reported that the Reserve Bank of India is looking to combat counterfeiting by implementing the use of plastic notes.
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Nujoma notes short-lived
Jo-Maré Duddy of The explains why diamonds aren't forever after all.
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New plastic bills reportedly melting in summer heat
Canada's Financial Post asks - Can Canada’s new plastic bills really not handle the summer heat?
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