PMG Discontinues Crossover Service

Effective immediately, Paper Money Guaranty is discontinuing its crossover service. PMG will no longer examine notes sealed in holders by other grading companies. All notes submitted to PMG must therefore be submitted in unsealed holders or with specific written instruction to remove notes from their holders, regardless of PMG grade.

PMG limited its crossover service to notes graded by a handful of companies and during on-site grading in October 2006. PMG also began a full-year review of its crossover service at that time. Upon completion, PMG concluded that eliminating this service would improve the value of PMG's offerings to its clients.

Glen Jorde, PMG Finalizer, comments: "When customers send notes to PMG, they want their notes in our holders. That immediately put the crossover service out of sync with our other offerings. Moreover, sometimes, it is a greater challenge to render highly precise decisions about grade and paper quality while looking through the various holder materials that are used. Regrettably, this can force a conservative posture during grading and wrongly disadvantage notes. For these reasons, we elected to discontinue crossover service at the start of 2008."

PMG has industry leading currency certification services and has graded over 150,000 notes since its inception in February 2005. It offers a free Population Report and only Registry for collectors of PMG certified currency. PMG is also the only company to offer comprehensive services for World notes and scrip, as well as a multi-note holder for sheets and custom presentations. Further service enhancements are scheduled for 2008.

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