A Banknote Worth Noting

PMG Grader Adam Howerton shares one of his favorite world notes with readers.

Although there are numerous banknotes that have been issued in many countries to commemorate a myriad of events, I will stay in the fast-lane this month to discuss one in particular that I find interesting: the 35th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix 10 Patacas note issued in 1988 by Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Pick 64 / KNB 1).

Example of a Macau Grand Prix 10 Patacas note

This attractive commemorative features the Guia lighthouse on the face and the Baia da Praia Grande on the back in deeply engraved designs that capture much of the scenery surrounding the race. Additionally, each side is boldly overprinted with images familiar to the world of racing such as an open-wheel race car and laurel wreath with text specifying the date and name of the race while the back features a checkered-flag design with the name of the race in English. Similar in every way as the "c" variety of Pick 59 (KNB 53) except for the commemorative overprints, only 5,500 pieces were issued by the Banco Nacional Ultramarino.

First run in 1954 and won by Eduardo de Carvalho, the Macau Grand Prix is run on what is considered one of the more challenging courses in the world - the 3.8 mile (6.1 km) Guia Circuit. The highlights of the action-packed race weekend are the Formula 3 race with cars often reaching speeds approaching 171 mph (275 kmh) and the Guia Race for touring cars. In addition, the weekend also includes the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix making this event the only street circuit in the world to include races for open-wheel and touring cars as well as motorcycles.

It is the hope of the author that Enrico Bertaggia - the winner of the 35th Macau Grand Prix title race - is in possession of one of these winsome and scarce banknotes. Indeed, as far as commemorative banknotes go, collectors will be hard-pressed to find a note to add to their collection that combines the excitement and rich tradition of a race that harkens back to the halcyon days of racing in the same way as the Banco Nacional Ultramarino's Macau Grand Prix 35th Anniversary note.

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