Modifications to PMG Crossover Service

Effective immediately, PMG will accept crossover submissions only for notes graded by PCGS Currency, CGC, and RCGS. Notes graded by all other services must be removed from their holders prior to grading and processed as raw submissions. This policy change applies to both on-site and regular office grading submissions.

Additionally, PMG will no longer guarantee minimum grades on all crossover submissions performed during on-site grading. PMG will continue to make every reasonable effort to determine each note’s eligibility for at least the minimum requested grade prior to removing it from its original holder. However, due to the grading conditions present at shows, conventions, and similar events, PMG cannot promise that crossover notes will actually receive the requested minimum grades. All crossover submissions received for on-site grading must be accompanied by a signed waiver acknowledging that PMG will not be responsible for downgrades. Waiver forms will be made available at on-site venues at time of submission.

The PMG crossover service allows for notes graded by PCGS Currency, CGC, and RCGS to be reviewed for PMG certification at the same grade or requested minimum grade, as authorized by the submitter. A higher grade may not be requested, although it is possible that a note will receive a higher grade at the determination of PMG graders. Notes will remain in their current holders if they cannot be graded at the same PMG grade or minimum acceptable grade provided by the submitter, with exceptions noted above. Certification tags for each note that successfully crosses to PMG are returned to the submitter. All notes that fail to cross are accompanied by an explanation of why the note did not meet PMG standards for the requested minimum grade. The crossover service is available with the Walkthrough, Express, Standard and Economy tiers, and there is no additional charge for this service.

Please contact PMG customer service should you have any questions about this policy change or other submission procedures at 1-877-PMG-5570 or by email at

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