Bank of Thailand issues new 20-Baht banknote

In a March 27, 2013 press release, the Bank of Thailand announced a new design that incorporates “new advanced counterfeit deterrent features."

Mrs. Tongurai Limpiti, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand, today announced the introduction of the new 20-Baht banknote (Series 16) into circulation on 1 April 2013. The new design incorporates a range of new advanced counterfeit deterrent features to facilitate authentication by banknote sorting machines, vending machines and the general public, including visually impaired persons.

The new design for the new 20-Baht banknote (series 16) retains the color, green, and size of current 20-Baht banknote (series 15), 72 X 138 mm, and contains the following key security features:

  • Watermark: The watermark depicting the portrait of the present King appears alongside the denominational electrotype, clearly visible when viewed against the light.
  • “Color-Shift” Windowed Security Thread: The thread is located vertically on the back of the note. It is embedded inside paper and partially emerges to the surface at even interval. The thread surface changes its color from green to magenta, when viewed from different angles.
  • See-Through Register: The irregular shapes, printed on both sides, combine perfectly to form the denomination numeral “20” when the note is held up to the light.
  • Tactile Marks: Aside from the raised print of letters and denomination numerals, two tactile marks in the shape of flowers with the color of dark green, representing the Braille symbol “2”, can be identified by touch.

The new 20-Baht banknote (series 16) can be exchanged at commercial banks. The existing and previous series still remain legal tender.

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