Fancy Serial Numbers

If you've ever wondered about the serial numbers on notes and if there are terms or titles for the more interesting numbers, this list may answer some of your questions.

Some currency collectors choose to collect based on "Fancy Serial Numbers." We found this great listing by Dave Undis that describes all of them on

Solid - In a solid serial number, every digit is the same.

Ladder - In a ladder serial number, every digit is one number higher (or lower) than the previous digit.

Radar - In a radar serial number, the serial number reads the same left-to-right as it does right-to-left.

Repeater - In a repeater serial number, the second half of the serial number is the same as the first half.

Radar Repeater - A radar repeater is both a radar and a repeater.

Super Radar - A super radar is a special kind of radar. In a super radar, the interior digits are are all the same.

Super Repeater - A super repeater is a special kind of repeater. In a super repeater, the first two digits are repeated four times.

Double Quad - In a double quad serial number, the first four digits are all the same and the second four digits are all the same.

Seven-Of-A-Kind - In a seven-of-a-kind serial number, seven digits are all the same.

Seven-In-A-Row - In a seven-in-a-row serial number, seven consecutive digits are all the same.

Binary - In a binary serial number, only two numbers appear. In a true binary serial number, those two numbers are zero and one.

Low - Low serial numbers, especially those 00000100 and under, are considered fancy.

High - High serial numbers, especially those 99999900 and over, are considered fancy.

How rare are fancy serial numbers? Read Dave's article from Paper Money magazine to find out.

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