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BTW I found this forum since I also have a UBB forum and your forum was listed there.


After reading post by Stan, my story is somewhat the same


Back in late 1950's I was was given a few bucks from either a aunt or grandmother and was told for some reason to save it. I was about 9 years old at the time and assume it was for doing good in school.


In any case I did save it but also as a kid forgot all about it and maybe every 10-20 years I come across this money still in the envelope I had put them in and wonder if it was worth saving it, does it have any worth today ?


I know nothing about old money of any kind so this is what I see


Six one dollar bills all say silver certifcate where 5 of them are 1957 and one is 1935


One 5 dollar bill from 1928 says US note.


here is a few images, Please let me know what they are worth if you can






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I recently got a US paper book price guide book for 2007, Whitman Red book with the Friedberg Standard catalog codes.


The images are a little hard to see if you have a scanner, it works very well for paper money maybe you can scan and repost?


Based on what you said the 1928 5 dollar US Note ranges from 15-80$ depending on condition. Crisp is is best at 70-80$


The 1957 Silver Certificate $1 range from about 4-20$ each depending on condition.


Hope that helps


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Those prices quoted are somewhat on the high side. My local dealer usually sells this type of thing cheaply.


The $5 I could probably get for $10-$12

The Silver Cert $1's, maybe $2-3 in that condition.

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