1907 Woodchopper $5 and 1923 Large $1 Note

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What is it exactly and why do they call it a woodchopper. Do they have any value and if so in what condition. I am attending an auction tomorrow and they have one of each of these. There are also four $5 Notes that say Farmer's Bank Buck's County.





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The $5 woodchopper is a series 1907 $5 United States Note, and in VF range it's usually around $100-150 give or take. The four Farmers Bank notes are likely either broken bank notes (privately issued notes prior to the National Currency Act) in which case they may have value but I wouldn't know it, or they could be small or large size national bank notes (currency that is still legal tender and backed by treasury bonds). If large size national bank notes they are likely series 1902, and would be worth in the hundreds, if small size, they would look like a more modern $5 bill and the value would depend on the bank of issue and serial number.


The series 1923 $1 note is likely a $1 silver certificate (blue seal) or it could be a $1 United States Note (red seal). The silver certs are worth maybe $100 in unc, but considerably less circulated. The US notes are worth more. Hope this helps!

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