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Greetings from Sunny Central Florida!!


I am new to currency collecting. I think the art work on the large notes is just WOW! ... then add that I love the Civil War era - now those pesky lil fractional notes are creeping into my coolection .... and I can't pass up a $100 star note!


I have met a lot of really nice people in this "hobby" ... HOBBY ? - yeah right!


This is a major addiction.


I have alot to learn about this stuff.


I've talked to many people on the phone, asked questions, and you know what - for the most part, most everybody is willing to share information.


I'm still in sticker shock on some of these notes ... but one day I will be able to step up and play with the rest of you big boys.


I'm not a high falutin' big dog, high roller. I'm just the average Middle class American Male that is now interested in Currency.


The most I have spent (my wife pert ner' skin't me alive) was $2,000 for a Bison.


THAT WAS A stretch for me .... but at least I have a Bison .... on to the next item on the wish list.


80 % of my note collection is PMG58EPQ ... don't ask me why... that's the way this thing sort feel into place ... so I'm going to stick with that ... besides - it seems the PMG58EPQ are in my price range ...Oh ... just for the record - I only have 28 notes.


I'm happy with that grade ... I don't "HAVE TO HAVE" the higher grades ... I'm collecting for fun. Besides - I'm a blue collar worker and the higher grades are outta' my financial reach anyway!


Well .... here I am ... the new guy on the board.



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Welcome to the board! It's good to see another hobbyiest join the group.


You've made a smart choice by deciding to collect notes in Choice About New. At that grade level, you can find nice original notes that look to be Gems but at a fraction of the Gem price.


Enjoy your notes!



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Hi, PMG58EPQ hi.gif


Welcome to the Paper Money Forum, I hope you choose to share some pictures, if not all, of your US notes in your growing collection! I really like the Bison note and enjoy seeing another!


Sounds like you having a fantastic time collecting US currency, good luck! thumbsup2.gif



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Welcome to the neighborhood 58EPQ! I think we should get along well as that is one grade that I just don't seem to have at all, so we won't be competing for notes. As for "running with the big dogs" don't worry about it, most of us are not big dogs at all, and even the few who really are would never admit to such! Anyhow, it's always good to welcome another fan of large size notes!

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welcome to the boards thumbsup2.gif


a great way to collect those classic notes is the 58 epq sort of like gem notes with slight ever so slight circulation with a minute fold




time to get into the true rare all time classic paper with historical context


the greatest of colonial currency notes


the massachusetts bay colony sword in hand notes engraved printed and designed by none other than paul revere 893applaud-thumb.gif





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