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Has anyone come across an unsigned National Bank Note? All the ones that I've seen are signed by the cashier and president. I'm relatively new to note collecting and I was just wondering. I have a First National Bank of Houston $10 note that is not signed... Thanks for your help! confused.gif


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If it is a large-size NBN, the penned signatures may have simply faded away, due to time and exposure to light. I have two Series 1882 NBN's (a 2nd Charter Date Back and a 2nd Charter Value Back) that had very faint signatures when I acquired them. I keep them "in the dark", so that they don't fade any further.


The signatures on small-size NBN's (Series 1929) were applied as part of the third print, so there would have to be a different reason for a small-size NBN to be missing only the Bank Officers' signatures, such as an obstruction.

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