What to include when requesting note values

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This has happened too many times where one person asks how much a bill is worth but does not provide a serial, series, condition, etc. So now, im just going to create a post on what to include when requesting for the value of a bill.


1) Series and/or signature (if applicable)

2) Full Serial Number

3) Where it was printed (either the city or letter code)

4) Condition of the note, noting of any folds, creases, pinholes, tears, etc..


If you dont know any of these, please post or attach a decent-resolution picture so others can identify these points. Even if you know these four points, a scan would be appericiated just for eye candy. tongue.gif


This will increase the efficency of posts so people dont have to wait 5 days for a reply. If I have missed any points, which I'm sure I did, please pm me or post here and I will edit it.

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