Star Note, Silver Certificate.

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Hello Brian , and welcome to the board!

What you have is a Star note Silver certificate , (Friedberg number 1615 *) and according to Coin World's "Paper Money Values" Very good it is worth around $4 , F=$5 , VF=$7 , and with a lot of folds , as you describe , it would be hard for it to grade EF , but if qualified then EF=$9 .

I enjoy collecting the star notes also , and my better half collects currency as a side hobby . How did you come across this note? Are you a star note collector as well? Don't worry about the price guide quotes ...the note is worth what anyone will pay for it based on condition and demand.


So , is there anything else special about the note that affects the value that we should know is the serial number printed mis-aligned or anything? -John

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Thanks Jay,

Now how do I find the friedburg number on a note? And where do I get a book specific to that? This board is a big help to the newbies like me. I just picked up a lot of $10* from 2001 if I remember correctly all unc and crisp....

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