Uncirculated 2013 $1 Serial #'s 105 thru 997... LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU NEED... birthday, anniversary, etc

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Uncirculated 2013 $1 serial #'s 105 thru 997... LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU NEED as I am retailing them...  email me at [email protected]

FYI many of the fancies are gone. Some are left (321, 543, 799/800, etc).
I also have some 2006 $1 bills with #'s H00000975C thru 997C, so if you want I can match them up for you... for example: 2013 D00000975H & 2006 H00000975C... which I think is kinda cool. You may not LOL.

Thanks - Greg

2013 packs.jpg

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