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Hi there, recently I've purchased a Disney silver note (1936410-023) grading by PMG. But when I checked for this note is without statistic in PMG. May I know why? And the score is 69 without EPQ. But when I check at Verify Certification PMG is show Exceptional Paper Quality. So this silver note have EPQ or no?

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It's my understanding that any notes graded 65 and up must qualify for EPQ designation. My assumption is that because your note is either silver coated or a silver foil that PMG does not assign the EPQ designation because either the paper is covered and can not be inspected or if it's a foil it's not paper so it wouldn't qualify. As far as any statistics it's my experience that PMG does not place notes with unlisted Pick #'s in its population reports. You may want to post these questions in the Ask PMG section of the forum. 

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