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I would like to know if anyone has encountered any notes that have been graded by a company with the RCGS moniker. I have one in my collection and I am not a huge fan of how the note I have is in its holder and wanted to know if PMG would consider doing a crossover grading like they are offering with PCGS. I am attaching an image of the note I have for any comments anyone might have.

FR 1171 1907 $10 Gold Certificate Front.jpg

FR 1171 1907 $10 Gold Certificate Back.jpg

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Cool note,

I think that's a Rare Currency Grading Service holder.

I don't believe PMG will cross it, if you want to submit you'll probably have to remove it from the holder.

Some people collect holders/grading services, I'm not sure if RCGS is out of business or the age of the holder but it's kind of neat. I'd probably just leave the note in the holder, I don't think it's worth having PMG regrade and holder it unless you're trying to improve the "look" of you collection.

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