Pre-Russian 1932 Bank Note

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Hi all,

I am new to this site and paper/coin collection. Today i purchased a 1932 Pre-Russian bank note. It looks all good and real. I purchased it from a Russian auction house. I have uploaded some photos for you guys to see and please let me know the quality and the story behind this note? Is this real as well and is it worth sending it off for grading? If you guys can help me with some information it will be very helpful.59669cd8ea098_1932PaperCurrency.jpg.2d75b6ffb15e1f583e907798084d8473.jpg59669cec6361f_1932Ru1.jpg.4e76331b3707720143ad80b836b2f3ce.jpg59669cec6361f_1932Ru1.jpg.4e76331b3707720143ad80b836b2f3ce.jpg59669cf18ac29_1932Ru.jpg.d9f5f2209d13cc08deedb855279a9fb9.jpg59669cd8ea098_1932PaperCurrency.jpg.2d75b6ffb15e1f583e907798084d8473.jpg

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