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One more. This one is my last purchase (en route) of 2014 (half paid as of this week), and will have it paid off and in hand in early 2015. So, this is the most expensive note I have purchased in 2014, the last one of 2014, and the first one for 2015. Just 72,000 of these were printed.




Tallies for 2014 by denomination:


$1's: 7 (all 1928A, B, and C)

$2's: 0

$5's: 2 (1934 LGS)

$10's: 17 (1928 to 1934 DGS (mostly stars))

$20's: 2 (1929 AA FRBN and 1934 LGS DA)

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Well, I am really tardy on this subject but did want to share a few 2014 purchases from my favorite location,a pawn shop.

Price REALLY great: face plus 10%







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