1928 $100 Gold, Pohl Collection

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Hi everyone,

Im a super amateur. I have a PMG 1928 $100 Gold Certificate. It is indicated that it is part of "The Pohl Collection." I cant seem to find what this means and what kind of value it has to the note. Any help would be awesome! Thanks everyone!!!

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There are some collections that have a pedigree that brings a premium and others that mean absolutely nothing.


I am fairly certain that anyone can have a pedigree label placed on their notes or slabs if they pay the money.


However there is the possibility that this old geezer, who was a science fiction writer, was also a collector of notes. I guess you would have to find some science fiction nut that also collects paper currency to realize any premium.





If you ever go to sell it and can not verify the pedigree then maybe you can market it like that on eBay and hope he had a great many fans. :grin:



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