How does Punch Cancelled Affect Note Value?

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I am asking this question in reference to some 1964 Congo Democratic Republic 1000 Franc Notes - P8 - in XF condition.


The notes are nice XF but punch cancelled. The catalog lists these in VF at $50 and Unc at $200. No mention is made of any values for punch cancelled notes. An ebay seller has a punch cancelled Congo Democratic Republic note of this date and type listed at $99. I believe his price reflects the VF20 value x 2 = the XF40 price.


Would the fact these notes are punch cancelled be a reason to discount value and if so how much? If these were your notes how would you price them?




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A punched cancelled note is worth way below what a non cancelled note is worth. 50% or more depending on the cancellation. However there are exceptions...... some notes are not or rarely available in an uncancelled note. If I were you unless it is an extremely rare note I would leave it alone.

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I myself have a note of this type still available.


The punch cancelled notes of the type you mentioned are almost always encountered in UNC condition.


The value oscillates between US$5 and US$50 per note over the years that I have been following the item, tending towards the middle of the range.


You will be able to find this note from time-to-time on EBay, especially some of the European sites.

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