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I have several NGC coins and love everything about NGC. When I started a Currency collection 2 years ago at the other alledged service; and I use the word service loosely. I wanted to see the difference between the two major TPG. OH what a mistake. I know I can't use the other company's note in my sets here as in coins but can I cross over my notes? If not can I pay a special large fee to do so as a one expense? I really want all my collections at one place not to mention it would really be nice to have my email questions answered sometime, ANYTIME. I can't afford to start all over as I have some really nice notes. I made a huge mistake. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,


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Good afternoon,


Thank you for your question. We can grade notes that were previously graded and encapsulated by another company. However, we cannot do crossovers. We would grade the notes as we would if you had sent in raw notes to be graded.


Also, when sending in notes graded and encapsulated by another company, you just want to put a little notation on the invoice or attach it to the note giving your permission for us to cut the note out of the holder.


If you have any questions about our grading process or how to submit notes to us, please let me know. You can also e-mail us directly at [email protected] with any questions you may have.


Thank you!

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