i have some old notes i got as change.....FV or more?

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hello everyone.

i usually only collect coins but i got a call from a friend who received these as payment and he gave them to me. i was wondering if they have any kind of premium or should i just buy "groceries" with them?

thanks in advance.....






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It's sort of like asking if you should spend some lower grade wheat pennies found in change. There is really no market for such common items or I should say no great premium. However they are not making them anymore and it would be a shame to let them be destroyed through use. There may be some one a couple generations down the road that might love to have them. If you can afford to keep them why not?


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If you don't need to spend them - save them from the Fed shredder. They eventually make it back to a district bank.



The 1995 series almost has a neat S/N, but I would spend that one since it is from the 90's and the rest are from the 50's.



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Good question for the forum, and thanks for showing them to us.


I'm going to disagree with the other members. If I had them, I would just spend them. There is no value over face. So why not use them to buy a gem CU example, although even these are so common one should have no expectations of any increase in value.



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