Anyone here have any interesting Hawaii Notes they would like to share?

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I love the WWII Hawaii notes, mostly the $1 denomination. Anyone have any they would like to share? Fancy serials, VJ notes, rare gem notes, snorters, autographed notes, LST stamped notes or anything else interesting? Or even some NA WWII notes?


Just trying to get something going here, its kinda slow and boring! :)

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So far i've only been concentrating on the Hawaii $1 but i'm currently looking for a nice $1 NA note. Thats a pretty nice denomination set you have there. :)


I'll post a few from my collection and keep posting more as more people get envolved in this thread. This forum is too slow. :(


Here are my 2 VJ day notes





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I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to do a registry set. I have notes from both PMG and PCGS and have no intentions of having any of them crossed over. There is too much risk of a grade lower and a huge loss of investment because of it unfortunatly. Most of my notes i've over paid for anyway so I don't want to make a potential loss even greater by reholdering a note. I think the best way to do a registry set is too only buy already graded notes from whichever TPG you would like to have a registry set.

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