1976 US $2 Bills

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I'm new here, so please bare with me :)


I have three 1976 US $2 in sequence and are very crisp. I'm assuming the value is $2, but wondered if I should consider getting these encapsulated and if so... where.











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You are correct..... despite their condition, these notes are very common and are worth $2 each....... the cost of encapsulating just one of them would be far greater than the value of all three combined.

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Pass on sending them off - only G*, I* and J* are the only ones for the 1976 series worth grading. Crispo 1976 notes are nice and hard to find but do not demand a premium.


If you do not need to spend the $2 notes, I would put all three in rigid holders and put away for safe keeping.


Nice find though!

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Thanks for everyone's information! I'll purchase some rigid holder for possible future value increase (I can hear the laughter guys). I knew they weren't really worth anything other than $2.00 each, but they really are beautifull looking bills. Again, thank you!


Can't wait to add to my new hobby.

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