ephrata find ?

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I saw the term "ephrata find" on a PMG graded note today - anyone know what it means?


Here's a link to the image: b21.jpg?t=1293507098


I wondered this myself. I do live in Pennsylvania, however, about forty minutes from a twon called 'Ephrata' and have reason to believe these notes were part of a hoard that were discovered there. This is only what I was once told by a local dealer, so I could be wrong...


Let me know what you find out-thanks!

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There's a seller on Ebay (User Name 'DENOMS') I bought from who has alot of these type notes for sale - this is from one of the listings. I picked up a $1 1917 from this find/seller - very nice note.


"Here is a chance to add quite a spectacular silver certificate of immense desirability. We recently purchased a treasure trove of nearly 1000 unrecorded large size notes found in Amish Dutch Country."

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