$2 National Park Note.

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i just saw a commerical for this $2 National Park Note.



i wish they would stop modifying/altering good notes.

maybe it helps get more people interested in collecting,

but i wish they would leave the money (notes and coins) alone.


is there a collectors maket for these altered notes/coins ?

do any of you collect them ? does PMG/NGC grade them ?


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Love'em or hate'em, they're out there......and they do it with coins too.

As a collector, I have absolutley no interest in these "novelty" notes, but as melting does with coins, it makes the rare, CH-CU notes even more rare. Thank goodness they use common notes. Almost like the notes that have the "Where's George" stamp on the face.

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Yes, these notes go the way of hologram Silver eagles and santa bucks, but I think that instead of National Park Quarters, the govt. should have issued National Park $2 with the reverse of the $2 being the National Parks.


To go a step further, why not, as we are changing the face of notes, replace the reverses with famous paintings like the $2 has. Use the paintings found around the US Capital rotundra (Like they used to do with the Charter Notes).

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What a waste of a two dollar bill! I love collecting $2 FRN and a good friend knows I that I do and she said to me last week, "I bet you heard all about the new $2 that issued with the National Parks....."


There is always a market, just like there is a market on TV for the 24k gold layered coins we see advertised all the time.

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they couldnt give them things to me. its a joke......


If Johnny doesn't want them then give them to me. They are still worth $2 each after all :)


i think they are pretty- i cant see paying 10$ plus who knows what- prob another 10$ for 2-2$ bills myself

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