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hello, I won a RAW note that Heritage Auctions graded as "Choice Crisp

Uncirculated". I was going to ask them what Choice Crisp was, since there is

no "Crisp" in the grading scale. just "Choice Uncirculated".


"Choice Uncirculated" is for 63,64 grades,


- do you think "Crisp" refers to "Handling" or EPQ ?


No handling (69, 70)

No significant handling (68)

Minor handling (67)

Handling can be significant (50)

Little evidence of handling (45)





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Crisp is a general term that goes along with uncirculated notes. The Sheldon scale lists all notes graded 60-70 with "Crisp" preceding the remaining uncirculated description. It does not necessarily indicate handling or EPQ.

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