1899 $1 US Black Eagle Silver Certificate - HELP ME

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i'm having trouble reading the signatures:

to determine the Fr. #


Fr#. Date/Signatures


226 1899 $1 Blue Lyons Roberts

226a 1899 $1 Blue Lyons Roberts

227 1899 $1 Blue Lyons Treat

228 1899 $1 Blue Vernon Treat

229 1899 $1 Blue Vernon McClung

229a 1899 $1 Blue Vernon McClung

230 1899 $1 Blue Napier McClung

231 1899 $1 Blue Napier Thompson

232 1899 $1 Blue Parker Burke

233 1899 $1 Blue Teehee Burke

234 1899 $1 Blue Elliott Burke

235 1899 $1 Blue Elliott White

236 1899 $1 Blue Speelman White


once you have the Fr.# and grade,

we should be able to get some estimates for the value.



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ok, that a start.


now we know its a

* Fr. # 236 = 1899 $1 Blue Speelman White


now to estimate the grade -

Diminished eye appeal , Numerous folds

Considerable circulation, rounded corners, maybe pinholes, maybe minor margin splits may be present, but the note will be whole with solid paper.





* it looks like a Fine (12) grade note


my estimate for price

would be between $38 to $90


* if it was in a PMG-12 holder,

it would be around $80


hope this helps.


maybe some others here have suggestions.



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GW beat me to the punch so I am editing to add that I would agree with his prices IF it is a fine note. I cannot tell if it is pressed or not. In my opinion, a pressed note would bring less money (The more orignal the better.)


NOW, for my response I was typing while GW was submitting his:


It is a Speelman-White (Friedberg # 236) signature. It is a very common note and folded many times.


Are you looking at this note in person or on the web?


If you are looking at the note on the web, and have never bought one, I suggest you go to a dealer you know and see if he/she has one and check it (or them) out.


Also, you can do some research here on the web.

Go to Heritage Auctions Web site. Get yourself a FREE account and you can look up the sale history for this, and all, notes in various grades. Also, through the pics, you can learn some about grading. This site is a great learning tool.


The web address is http://currency.ha.com/?ic=task-currency


The general rule is to do your research before you buy.

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This doesn't look particularly attractive to me. Why not pay a bit more and buy a graded XF or better note of this beautiful design? These are not very expensive in the better grades.


Best of luck.



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Here is an example from my collection showing a nice XF note. Let me add that I purchased this note raw from a well recognized dealer raw who insisted it was at least an AU note....yeah right. Hope this helps!



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i agree with jumbucks,

for a $100 note it doesn't look all that great.

suggest getting something better.

i try to buy PMG-25 (Very Fine) or better.

costs more, but i think you will be happier.

have fun.


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