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I was wondering if PMG would review notes encapsulated and graded by PCGS to determine if they would grade the same or higher by PMG? And, if you do perform this service, if a note would grade lower by PMG, am I stuck having it graded anyway, or is their a review option?


Also, how does EPQ work in this scenerio?


Let me know as I would love to send my PCGS notes to PMG and see what can be done!


Thanks again!

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The service that you speak of would be called a "crossover" which unfortunately we cannot do. To give a note an accurate grade in must be graded in the "raw." We do welcome notes that have been previously graded, however, for the PMG graders to grade your note we must have your permission to cut it out of its current holder. We do not guarantee that it will be graded higher, lower, or the same... so it is always a gamble but usually worth the risk to have an accurate grade.


EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) is the label that PMG uses on notes that possess all the original qualities possessed immediately following the printing process. Any note with EPQ cannot be manipulated in any way. Some examples are pressing, closing pinholes, re-embossing serial numbers, trimming, etc.


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