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Hi- I stumbled upon a very old 1 dollar bill and need some assistance with it's value.


Information on the note:


Series of 1917


George Washington's picture in the center and he is facing to his right.


Left of G.W. is a Red seal that is about 1" x 1"


Serial number (located on the right side and lower left of G.W.)



Upper left corner there is a picture of several individuals with one kneeling down.


There are two Capital "D" letters, one just above the U in United States at the top of the note and one on the far right side of the note. The "D" on the right is followed by four numbers. 22xx (x represents unreadable number)


Lower left name on note is

Houston B. ??????

Register of the Treasury


Lower right name on note is

John Burke

Treasurer of the United States


I am unable to read the back of the note as it was taped to a card and framed. The bill has some wear, looks like someone mistakenly folded it and placed in their pocket.


I would scan it and post a picture, but I am afraid of damaging the note. I am not sure how long it has been behind the glass in the frame, but I do know that the gentlemen that owns the note is 93.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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- suggest checking the going prices on the websites:


Legal Tender Note - $1 George Washington


36 1917 VG $90.00

36 1917 F-VF $100.00

36 1917 VF $105.00

37 1917 G $60.00

37 1917 G-VG $70.00

37 1917 VG $90.00

37 1917 F $95.00

37 1917 F-VF $100.00

37 1917 VF $115.00

38 1917 AG $35.00

38 1917 VG $90.00

38 1917 VF $115.00

39 1917 G $60.00

39 1917 G-VG $70.00

39 1917 VG $90.00

39 1917 F $95.00

39 1917 F-VF $100.00

39 1917 VF $105.00

39 1917 EF-AU $175.00

39 1917 Ch CU $310.00


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the numbers 36 through 39 are just numbers as per the website.

they don't have any meaning for what you are asking.

you just now need to determine the grade for the note.


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The numbers are Friedberg numbers, a way of classifying notes. Yours is a Friedberg 36, with the Tehee - Burke signature combination.

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