Court Ruling Upheld - US Discriminates Against Blind People with its Currency

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:news: I posted the original decision 2 years ago, and here's the update: The Appleas Court ruled in a 2-1 decision that the US is biased against the blind because all its bills are the same size and texture.


Here's the story (click me!).


And yeah, I realize that someone will probably post this in the US Coins or Numismatic Tangents forum, but I'm doing the right thing and posting it where it goes, the Paper Money forum. :makepoint:


Personally, I agree with the spirit of the ruling in that our money is not conducive to use by people who are blind or nearly-blind. And I see no reason other than the vending machine lobby as to why we can't do what other countries have done to make bills easier to differentiate. I don't, however, necessarily agree with the language "discriminate" - which to me implies knowingly doing something with malice towards some other demographic group, and I don't think that's the case at all here ... just pure laziness and desire not to change.


That said, I realize that a lot of people on this forum are fairly conservative and will disagree with me ... I think when I posted the original ruling, the thread turned into a rant about "activist judges." meh

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I just posted the "wrong" thing in the tangents group. I was just getting here to put a link in this one too.


I agree with the court ruling, and I support a re-vamp of the higher denomination bills and elimination of the $1 in favor of a coin. The sizes would not have to be a lot different to be noticed and would help eliminate one of the most popular counterfeiting techniques in the world, bleaching a $1 and turning it into a $100.


I need a new wallet anyways.

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The BEP could just call it job security. After all... job security for the many DC-area employees is why the BEP continues to print $1 FRN!


Scott :hi:

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