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What is the name of the only city that had a bank issuing National Bank Notes to have 3 “U”s in the city name?





Dubuque, Iowa



Congratulations to our 1st place winner physics-fan3.14! You will receive a coupon for 1 free standard grading.


Congratulations to our runner up winner cpm9ball! You will be receiving a PMG Bank Bag and a sample.


Thanks for playing this weeks Numisma-Quest. Dont forget to stop by for this weeks NGC question!


Hmm...clearly Albuquerque was not the answer, though there were nationals issued from that city...perhaps there is more than one city (hence Dubuque is not the "only city" any thoughts on this one?

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I found the following pictures here:





Interesting problem from the Numis-maquest! :popcorn:


EDITED TO ADD: This is from American Currency Exhibit from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. It looks like a very interesting online exhibit of paper currency.


Scott :hi:

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