Mailman dropped me a few notes

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Well here are those bottom 2 notes from the post your finds page. The top 5 i sent were good but the bottom 2 notes were to small and grainy so here is a bigger picture of them


I must say I dont know what is up with my scanner in the past i could do 300 DPI scans and make them work here now i struggle for 150s to work. i hope they look better cause i think they dont show what the notes really look like





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theyd be nicer if i could get the resolution up anyone have any ideas how i can do clear pics with 200k to work with , i dont know how i went from good pics to now these bad ones . im going the same dpi same scanner but now the pictures are being too big and when i downsize it they arent as clear. ideas?


the 100 is xf i would say 3 minor folds nothing too hard i think but very nice and attractive

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