Saturday Mail arrived today .... : )

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Well .. phooie ... that picture didn't load!


Anyway ... it's a 1999 Big Head $100.00 * note straight from the BEP


I wish I knew more about computers to post pictures on this darn website!


Posting a picture is probally very easy - but for me it's driving me up the wall simply because I don't know what I'm doing.


I have pictures saved in "My Documents" then in "My Pictures" on my "C" drive


Any help here PLEASE? ... email me - [email protected]




Dennis ... "PMG 5 8 EPQ"


Saturday morning ... 11/03/2007 ... 10:15 AM - EST



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Try uploading your pictures to (Its free) and the follow these directions:


How do I add an image to my message?

In order to add an image to your message, you must have the image already available on a web server and reachable by a URL. This can be an image on your own personal web page, for example. To place an image within a message, simply use the following Markup Tag:




For example, if you have an image called cateye.gif and its available from your own website at, then you would use the following image markup:




ps: add the I to the word mage above to spell image, had to leave it out so it would show the line not a image.



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