First submission to PMG

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I submitted these notes and a 2000 note:


One Dollar Silver *:




$2 Red Seal, two $5 Red Seal:




Here are the results:


$2 - VF25

$5 - VF30 EPQ

$5 - VF35 EPQ

$1 - XF40 EPQ

$1 - 65 EPQ


Can anyone help me with values?

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I am going to assume you had free submission vouchers, but I would say the values break down as this, and these are the most optimistic figures:


$2 - value: $5.50

$5 - value: $10 & $12 respectively

$1* - value: $7.50


and unless the modern 2000 $1.00 has something very spectacular about the serial number or some kind of error then it would barely be worth over face value.

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