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Found 1 result

  1. THE BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING – NEW SERIES OF 2017 NOTES WERE LISTED IN OCTOBER CURRENCY REPORT SSFRN – THE FIRST IS A ONE DOLLARS 2017 F-STAR NOTE In checking the monthly production report that BEP for October 2017 show the first printing for the 2017S series of notes and is listed for fiscal year 2018 and fiscal month October 2017. A small run of 250,000 notes from 5000 sheet with the serial F00000001* thru F00250000*. The note is listed as a Atlanta $1.00 2017S F* star issue by the eastern currency facility or Washington D/C. This will make this note a “RARE” issue with this low printing an also the first one printed. I also check the BEP store to see if they showed up as sale item, the BEP store was not updated. Also not reported is the new F/A block that were also printed but not listed in the October 2017 production report. Also in checking new notes are listed, with the last update 10/16/17. I will update and edit this journal as more information is released. On 12/18/17 the BEP production data was added. To see the new 2017 series F/A block go to www "Steven Mnuchin's wife strikes a pose with a sheet of money", the notes with the following serial number "F33922301A" is one of note on this sheet is a part of the BEP sheet note issue. Update on March 10th - The new series of 2017 notes, BEP updated the production report and added November 2017 notes, the second run of F star with 3,200,000 notes, with serial F03200001* thru F06400000*. Also the first run F/A block of notes with serial starting at F57600000A thru F96000000A and the second run printing starting at F00000001B thru F19200000B. The sheet notes were the first to be printed starting with F353150001A thru F35400000A. Also the information is also on with the last update also dated 3/24/17. The note slot were added to PMG sets for new 2017 series of one dollars series of notes. Also the BEP have not updated the mouthy population report for the last two mouth for JAN 2017 and FEB 2017 for fiscal year 2018 and is also have not been updated, the last update was on 2/2/18 thru December 2017. BEP Store just issue the new 2017 Uncut Currency Sheet notes on January 30, 2018, all the notes are Fr #3003-F with same series serial number. I have order the notes and will add serial numbers amount and photo at a later update. The 2017 series sheet notes came in today, February 8, 2018 with the same serial number as the standard run. I could not remove the photo below, so I have add a new journal entry to add the picture of the 2017 new note with Serial number F35397184A.