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Found 3 results

  1. Pi Day #piday is of course March 14th (or 3.14 [3/14], or “π”) followed shortly by the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore and Spring! I've been busy making a sub type signature set of my series 1882 Nationals. My 1882 sub types set is a work in progress. Ever seen the Circus Poster variety on a $5 Brown Back?? Take a look. If I'm missing a better way to designate these notes, please let me know. OK, back to Pi Day. Check out this Elk City note from Oklahoma with a charter date of... you guessed it, Pi Day! It sports a nice 4 digit radar serial number as well and was previously in the Douglas Knight Collection. Then there's my Bangor, PA note, also a Pi Day charter and a solid 8 Serial Number. Perhaps I'll see ya in Charm City.
  2. Hi PMG. I know you're accepting submissions in Baltimore. Any plans on having an expert provide opinions on notes at your table? I missed this last time I was at the expo. I plan on submitting a solid 8's on a national--bank SN is 8888 on a $10 PB from Bangor, PA Ch. 2659. PMG has noted a 4 digit bank serial number as a solid previously, so hopefully my note will have this noted on the holder. thanks!! ddr70
  3. Does anyone know what the oldest known serial number 1 national bank note is? It would have to be from the original series 1863 national bank note series but is it 1863, 1864, 1865 etc based on the bank's charter date. Also, what denomonation? I have been doing some research but am having trouble locating the answer. The 1863 original series notes were released to the public in December of 1863, but a few November 1863 notes are known to exist. Is there a number one serial known from that year or would the oldest know be from years shortly thereafter? -Ryan