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Found 3 results

  1. Hi PMG. I know you're accepting submissions in Baltimore. Any plans on having an expert provide opinions on notes at your table? I missed this last time I was at the expo. I plan on submitting a solid 8's on a national--bank SN is 8888 on a $10 PB from Bangor, PA Ch. 2659. PMG has noted a 4 digit bank serial number as a solid previously, so hopefully my note will have this noted on the holder. thanks!! ddr70
  2. I have a question. I have three notes I'd like to submit for grading, a 1917 $1, a 1917 $2, and a 1922 $10 Gold Certificate. I was reading through the fee schedule and I found it to be a bit confusing. If I'm reading this right, I would have to become a paid member at $39, then I would have to pay at least $25 per note... is that right? Just trying to clarify.
  3. Dear PMG staff, A friend of my has received papers back from your company today after your grading service, we are surprised or confused when we received the papers. 90% of 150 papers with 64 and no E ???????? We felt ridiculous because we know PMG is a professional company, there is no need for us to send bad papers and waste the fee we have to pay, it's not a free grading service! We have prepared and selected the best papers to send to your company, none of us are rookie for collection of banknote, so we already ensure those papers (except one) are good and meet your minimum standard to get the E for the UNC notes. But what we got are few papers got E only and one of them is not ours since we already told the owner it may not get E because we suspect it has been washed. Guess what? It got above 64 and got E!!!!! What a joke ! We are not the only group who is suspecting the quality of your grading service now, there are some other members from Hong Kong got the same result too, one of them got all banknote graded 64 with no E !!!!!!! So what kind of service are you providing to us now? Are you employing unqualified people to exam our papers? From what I have seem, you need to retrain your staff and re-exam for those papers they have checked before !!!!! Thank you for your service and now we are going to move to PCGS, perhaps they will make a fair judgement or have qualified people to exam our papers!! Regards Christopher